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Getting Started

Getting Started

How do I register and receive donations for my charitable organization?

Registering your organization is easy. In order to register and receive donations, you must be an official representative of an eligible organization and submit the required information on our Register Now page. An eligible organization generally means an Internal Revenue Service approved 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. 

Why do you need an email address for my charitable organization?

We require a valid email address so that we can communicate important program information to each of our registered non-profit partners.  From time to time, we will send emails with information about your organization’s donation amounts and information about the program and special promotions. 

Can you mail our organization a donation check instead of sending an electronic funds transfer?

We do not mail donation checks due to the expense of check processing and fulfillment. We distribute donations using electronic transfer to reduce operational expenses so we can donate the maximum amount to our non-profit partners.  If you have further questions or a special circumstance, please email us at  

Will members still be able to select my charitable organization if I don’t register?

Yes. As long as your organization is listed in our Internal Revenue Service database and meets our eligibility criteria, our members will be able to select your organization. However, no donations will be made to your organization until you complete your registration. See "What happens if we do not register ..." under Receive Donations for more information on how donations are processed for organizations that do not register and provide bank account information.

What happens if another person has already registered my charitable organization and they were not authorized to do so?

If your organization has been registered by an unauthorized person please contact us immediately:

Receive Donations

Receive Donations

How does my charity receive the donations?

Each quarter, makes contributions to eligible charitable organizations by electronic funds transfer. 

When are contributions made and for what time period?
Donations are transferred approximately 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter for booking fees earned during the period. That generally means hotel stays that are completed during the applicable quarter.  We strive to get the donations out to our partnered non-profits as quickly as possible.  See the Participation Agreement for more details.

     >  1st Quarter Hotel Stays (January 1 - March 31st):  Paid on or about May 15th
     >  2nd Quarter Hotel Stays (April 1 - June 30):  Paid on or about August 15th
     >  3rd Quarter Hotel Stays (July 1 - September 30th):  Paid on or about November 15th
     >  4th Quarter Hotel Stays (October 1st - December 31st):  Paid on or about February 15th

What happens if we do not register our charitable organization and provide a bank account for an electronic transfer?

If you have not registered and have donations allocated to your organization, we will attempt to contact you with instructions on how to register. If you do not register your charitable organization, including providing accurate bank account information for an electronic transfer, will still track and store donations earned in each calendar quarter. Once you’ve registered your charitable organization, your organization will be eligible to receive in the next donation cycle all donation amounts that were previously allocated to your organization and were not subject to reallocation under the Participation Agreement. Please note that donations that have been allocated to an unregistered charitable organization more than eight full quarters ago and have not been distributed will be reallocated to other registered charitable organizations.

How much of the member's booking price does donate?

Contribution amounts vary on each booking based on multiple factors.  Average estimates range between 5% and 15% of booked travel or about $10 per night.  This can obviously vary widely based on the price of the hotel and other factors including the pricing we receive from our suppliers.

What bookings are eligible for donations?

All bookings on are eligible for donations.

In order to receive a donation disbursement, what is the minimum amount my organization needs to have accrued from member bookings?

The minimum amount a charitable organization must accrue to receive a quarterly donation is $100.00.  If the total donation amount due to your organization, based on the bookings by all members who selected your charitable organization, is less than $100.00 as of the end of a given calendar quarter, will hold the donation amounts and add them to donation amounts allocated to your organization in subsequent calendar quarters. However, if you have an accrued donation that remains below $100.00 for four consecutive quarters, will disburse accrued donation amounts to you in the donation cycle following the fourth quarter, even if the donation amount is less than $100.00. For complete details, see the Participation Agreement.

Can I view the amount of donations my charitable organization has received?

We currently do not provide reports that enable viewing of donations received, but we are working on it.  Stay tuned.

Spread the Word

Spread the Word

How do we spread the word about to our supporters?

We leave it up to each non-profit partner to determine how they would like to market to their supporters. Once you register, we will send you customized and branded tools for your specific non-profit.  You can also review our "Spread the Word" page for samples on how you can spread the word using our best practices to your supporters.  If you have any question or would like additional support, just email us at We are here to help.

Are there any restrictions regarding the promotion of the program by charitable organizations?

Generally, there are no limits on how you can promote the program. Many organizations use email, web-site banners, links, widgets, social media posts, direct mail, print collateral, and signage.



Will you share my email address or account information?

No. We do not share or sell account information or email addresses in any form. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.

Will you share information about the amount of money donates to my organization?

We may occasionally publicly disclose the amount of donations to all charitable organizations or particular organizations resulting from the program or otherwise made by; however, we will never disclose information that ties donations made to individual members.

Will you share with my organization information about the members who have selected to support my organization?

Sorry, at we will not share individual member information with you regarding members who have selected to support your organization. As we are sure you do at your non-profit, we take our members privacy very seriously.  Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.