Pressley StuttsCDR, CHC, USNR-Ret.
Director, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Stutts has enjoyed a varied and successful career as an entrepreneur where his leadership skills, team building, personal integrity and business acumen have served him and others well. Throughout his career, he worked for a number of nonprofits raising funds from high net worth investors. He has also volunteered much of his time serving on various nonprofit boards helping raise funds and the organization’s profile within the community.

While in graduate school, Pressley cut his teeth in the marketing industry and caught the vision of the opportunities it provides for those who have a dream, strong work ethic and desire to help others. He has also served as a member of the corporate executive teams with a couple of marketing organizations. His career started as a development officer raising money for various nonprofits, colleges and universities. He then moved into the insurance and annuity arena where he has assisted individuals and companies with their personal and corporate financial planning needs for the past 20 years. He continues to serve and assist clientele with their insurance needs. He has also owned and operated several restaurants and other successful retail establishments over the years. He has also served as an advisor to businesses, helping them create their identity and branding which has allowed them to move their business models forward.

In 2011, Mr. Stutts retired as a Commander from the United States Navy Reserve where he spent 30+ years in a distinguished career serving as a chaplain since 1980. For 22 of those years, he was attached to and proudly served with the United States Marine Corps. During his career, he was recalled to active duty twice with the Marines – once during Operation Desert Storm in 1990 – 91 and then again during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005. During Pressley’s service in the military he came in touch with scores of nonprofits that were doing great work with scarce resources. These experiences have led Pressley to see the need to take a valid, profitable business model ( to reward and empower nonprofits.